AMD ATI Radeon X1650 Pro 512MB AGP Graphics Card (100-437809)

rate 3.0
  • Brand: ATI
  • Category: Display Cards

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  • Blistering 3D graphics with full screen anti-aliasing, high dynamic range lighting, and stunning shader performance
  • Windows Vista compatible
  • Watch stunning, high-definition video on your PC
  • Cool running technology ensures whisper-quiet operation
  • Displays in excess of a billion more colors than competing graphics cards

Technical Details

  • DirectX 9.0 and OpenGL 2.0
  • CATALYST Software Drivers
  • 12 Pixel Pipelines Architecture
  • 8 Vertex Shader
  • SMARTSHADER Technology
  • VIDEOSHADER Technology
  • SMOOTHVISION Technology
  • HYPER Z III+ Technology
  • Dual Display Support


THE GAME IS ON! - Outstanding Digital Entertainment and 3D Graphics

The Radeon X1650 PRO delivers stunning 3D graphics, excellent performance, and all the extensive features of a high-end graphics card. Your system will be able to handle the latest games, high definition digital video, and Windows Vista™ with aplomb. The X1650 PRO is capable of displaying a billion colors more than competing graphics cards, boasts one of the highest video performance scores in the industry, and can bring today’s top games to life through outstanding shader performance and simultaneous high dynamic range lighting and full screen anti-aliasing, available only with ATI products. Radeon X1650 PRO graphics technology. Exceptional graphics performance.

Superior gaming performance and image quality

Experience cutting edge, 3D graphics with full screen anti-aliasing, high dynamic range lighting, and stunning shader performance.

Double your graphics potential

CrossFire is the ultimate multi-GPU gaming platform, enabling game-dominating power from ATI CrossFire ready motherboards and multiple ATI graphics cards.

Why see millions when you could see billions?

Witness your digital images burst with billion more colors in all of your graphics applications than you would with competing graphics boards.

Watch stunning, high-definition video on your PC

Enjoy industry leading high-definition video performance with ATI’s Avivo technology.

Prepare for a Window’s Vista Premium experience

Prepare your PC with a graphics card that beats Microsoft’s stated GPU requirements for a premium Windows Vista experience.



Jarrod D. Lawrence 5.0
25 of 28 people found the following review helpful
So here is my story:I had a Dell Dimension, and bought Neverwinter Nights 2. My ATI Radeon 9550 had a lot of trouble running that game, so I ordered this card along with a power supply upgrade. However, my Dell case wouldn't allow the power supply upgrade(go figures). So I decided to finally build my own custom computer like I have been wanting to do. To make a long story short, I had already ordered and opened this card, and didn't want to return it, so I pretty much built my system around ... this card. The bad part of that, it's an AGP. That is my only regret on my newly built system, no PCI Express or SLI.However, in relation to this card itself, my system is PRM800 Pro M7, 2 GB DDR2 533Mhz, PD 830 3.0Ghz, Zalman 9500 LED Ultra Quiet CPU fan, Ultra 550W x2 psu. This card with this sytem, even though agp 8x, runs killer. I can run Quake 4 and Doom 3 at ultra quality settings with full openGL settings enabled. FEAR and FEAR Extraction point run at near... More >
Franklin Kuehn "franknraven" 2.0
9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
Installed quickly, great image quality, but within three days the card started to overheat and cause the computer to reboot. I was told by others and ATI forums that the 1650 pro with ATI stock heat sink is KNOWN for its problems. Do not buy 1650 Pro unless sapphire or other upgraded coolant system on the card.Also note, this may be an unrelated issue, after so many crashes the motherboard was fried and needed to be replaced. Cannot tell if related to video card or not yet.If you are wanting an ... ATI stock card, there have been no known issues regarding stock cooling with the AGP 1800 & 1900 series cards. More >
Jeremy Deats 1.0
15 of 17 people found the following review helpful
The one star review is not for the quality of the card, but instead to serve as a flag for those reading reviews looking for reasons why customers were unhappy with this product. This review is just a note to owners of 1.5v AGP 2x/4x motherboards.The Radeon X1650 is a AGP 3.0 spec card, but according to the 3.0 spec it should work just fine in any 1.5v 4x slot since AGP 2.0 and 3.0 are by spec backwards and forwards compatible; unfortunately this card does not meet this requirement.Aapparently d ... ue to ATI's error this card (and others in their Radeon line) are incompatible with several AGP 2.0 (1.5v 4x) motherboards, including those used in the popular Dell Dimension 4500 and 4550 lines. The problem does not effect all AGP 2.0 motherboards, but if you have a AGP 2.0 board be prepared to return it. The similar nVidia based AGP 3.0 (8x) cards do not have this problem.I writing a one star review because ATI (now owned by AMD) does not make this limitations... More >